Iran Steps to Heal Corona Cases amid Sanctions

Iran Steps to Heal Corona Cases amid Sanctions

The spread of the corona virus (Covid-19) is expanding every day with a total of 118 countries contracted since its first transmission in Wuhan, China, at the end of December 2019. Iran is one of the countries in the spotlight of the corona news spread in international media.

Iran, the country where the author studies, on Wednesday (11/3/2020) announced a surge of 958 new cases of Covid-19 and a death rate of 63, bringing the total number of cases to 9,000 cases with a death rate of 354 people. A row of large and alarming numbers.

But beyond that, there are other data that might be interesting to convey regarding the relatively high cure rate in Iran, which is around 32 percent. But this news does not appear much in the media of the country. Data as of March 11, 2020, shows that the number of positive people infected with Covid-19 is 9000 with the number recovering 2959 people.

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Several countries, such as Italy, Iran and South Korea, were the largest countries affected by the spread of Covid-19, with victims reaching 7,755 to 10,149 out of 124,968 cases spread throughout the world. It means, the three countries pocketed about 6-8% growth of the virus originating from Wuhan since the beginning of its spread.

Italy is the country with the second largest total spread of Covid-19 after China. A total of 10,149 Covid-19 infections, consisting of 631 deaths, 1,004 cases of healing, and active cases reached 8,514. Meanwhile, the Islamic Republic of Iran is the third country with the largest spread of Covid-19 cases, a total of 9,000 cases, consisting of 354 cases of death, 2,959 cases of healing, with 5,687 active cases.

Based on the obtained data it can be seen that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a country with the largest distance of corona mortality and cure with a ratio of 4% for mortality and 32% cure rate from 9000 cases of the spread of the virus, with a distance of touching percentage of 28%.

The high rate of healing of the Islamic Republic of Iran is very much different from Italy. In terms of Italian mortality the rate is 6% and the cure rate is 10%. From this it can be understood that the distance between death and healing in Italy is very different, thus describing the conditions of danger that threaten the Spaghetti country.

If analyzed, Italy is a developed country with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) above 1 billion USD, in 2017. In that Year, Italy recorded a GDP of 1,935 USD. An income that is so fantastic, that deliver Italy as one of the countries with the largest income on the blue continent.

The income of the two countries in the same year, which is 2017, is much higher than the PBD of the Islamic Republic of Iran which pocketed 439.5 billion USD. Of course, there is a significant gap between the income of the Islamic Republic of Iran which is so low when viewed with Italian GDP that touches four times the income of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2017.

Of course, a region’s income also influences the development and growth of several economic sectors. Iran with an income of around 439.5 billion USD can build a health fleet to prevent and cope with the spread of the Covid-19 virus with a healing percentage above 30%.

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Apart from the revenue sector, Iran has been under pressure for 41 years for Western sanctions, so the economic movement with other countries is so restricted. It can be imagined, how the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran were forced to be independent for almost half a century to overcome the various problems they experienced alone without the assistance of other countries, as was the case with Covid-19. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran must strive to overcome the decline in the corona virus that has infected 9,000 people by producing masks and disinfectants themselves.

Until now the Iranian government has taken various steps to reduce the level of spread of this dangerous virus including:

  1. Freeing schools and colleges decided on February 24, 2020 to address the spread of the corona virus. In the last few weeks, the author’s campus has been closed and has limited student exit hours.
  2. Mass production of masks. The Iranian government has increased the work activities of the mask factory for 24 hours. This step is considered to anticipate the transmission of Covid-19 directly to civil society.
  3. Spraying disinfectants in certain locations including airports, schools, subway stations, and bus terminals to reduce the impact of such a large transmission for the people who come or leave some areas in Iran. This action was carried out involving all elements of the community from the fire department to the army.
  4. Adding hospital facilities, such as surgical gowns and hospital beds to treat and cure patients suspected of being infected with Covid-19. In addition the government opened emergency hospitals in various places with a high rate of spread.
  5. The Iranian religious center has dismissed several congregational prayers throughout the mosque in hopes of reducing the transmission of the Covid-19 case.
  6. Isolating border areas to reduce the spread of Covid-19 inside and outside Iran. Since the spread of Covid-19, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s land borders began to close, so that civilians and non-civilians could not leave the area by land vehicles.
  7. Self health promotion. The Iranian Ministry of Health is active in providing counseling about clean lifestyles for the people. On several occasions, the author has also participated in health socialization given by Iran’s public health agencies. By informing how to spread and deal with the spread of Covid-19. Not only that, the public health agency of the Islamic Republic of Iran also posted a number of posters on how to tackle Covid-19 transmission wisely on several roads and student dormitories abroad.
  8. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is cracking down on anyone who spreads hoax information or hoaxes that are seen as triggering panic in the community, especially those that are rife on social media.

Until now the situation is still under control. In Teheran, people can freely spend their houses. Even traditional markets in the Islamic Republic of Iran are still operating to meet their daily needs, especially ahead of the Persian New Year, which is only a week away. The author and his friends in the last 21 days are still going to traditional markets to meet daily consumption and do not experience difficulties, although he remains vigilant and use masks and gloves to anticipate.

Even though Iran is quite overwhelmed with handling the spread of corona, but seeing the development of figures and steps taken, optimism still remains strong among the people. Like optimism in the slogan that continues to be voiced by the government and its people which is displayed everywhere, “ma korona ra shekash medahim“, we defeat Corona! “

Translated from the good news written by Nurul Khair on March 12, 2020.