Learning Islam without Teacher

Learning Islam without Teacher

To understand Islam is not enough by just reading a translation of the Quran. Without a teacher, we may mislead.

To understand Islamic teachings comprehensively, required many scientific processes. This can only be by studying directly to the experts (clerics or ulamas) who have competence in each specific field. If someone wants to pursue on and on in general field such as a science of religion, their time will end before completing it.

Learning about sciences relating to Islam by books/kutub alone without a teacher who has capabilities and experiences and cannot lead us, we will likely mislead.         

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Studying about Islam by self-exploration has unwittingly led people to a way that is considered right way. In fact, they are maybe in a wrong understanding about Islamic teachings. This condition could endanger humanity since self-exploration may mislead. How many suicide bombers in the name of jihad in our peaceful condition?

Learning about Islamic teaching directly (face to face) to the experts is important and has a lot of benefits. One of them is that the students’ spirit not only will be lighted but also can directly look to their teacher’s daily attitudes. 

When the exemplary of their teacher is practiced by the students for along time, the teacher’s wisdom words based on sciences and good attitudes become practiced in their everyday life. Hence, the output is human possessing extensive knowledge and morals. They become modest, humble, unlikely to curse, do not blame others having different conditions, do not looking for popularity, and do not have excessive tendency to their job and position in their office.

There are often people who do not find a teacher that can lead them in studying Islam. Hence, they learn Islam to an anonymous person’s backgrounds such as who the teacher was and what kind of field that they majored in.

This is difference compared to the clerics in various old Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) that are scattered in all around Indonesia archipelago, especially in Java. The cleric has clear religious teachings that are directly got from their preceded master.

We should learn Islam to the clerics graduating from various Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) or people who possess Islamic teachings and are admitted as master. We should learn Islam just the way its need to be. Hence, Islamic teachings and our daily practice of Islamic teaching could be useful for advancement, humanity, improvement of every situation.

Learning Islam is inadequate and tends to misunderstand and mislead if it does by just reading religious-translated book and it is also inadequate if it only does by reciting or reading the Quran and its translation.   

There are many verses that have interpreted by self-thought, which is not based on sciences whereas their meaning can be understood by after reading some hadith. This is going to fail to understand Islamic teachings because they just use the translation of the Quran and disregard scientific explanations of commentator. The meaning of verses of the Qur’an and hadith can only be understood by referring to various authoritative sources or citing explanation of ulamas.       

Nowadays, many of the violence in the name of religion are done by people who begin to learn Islam to unauthorized teachers who do not have any clear scientific credentials (sanad) and do not have deep understanding about Islam. They learn verses of the Quran through its translation. They interpret the Quran that is aimed to their own lust and try to understand it by their way and conclude its law without process of reasoning that can be accounted scientifically.

Without scientific process, The holy verses are going to be misunderstood. Hence, they become extreme Muslims and make the revelation of God narrower in meaning.