The Opening of Brazil Trade Office in Jerussalem was Condemned by OIC

The Opening of Brazil Trade Office in Jerussalem was Condemned by OIC

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) expressed a deep regret according to Brazil foreign policy towards Palestine and condemned the opening of its trade office in Jerusalem. OIC has also forewarned that the policy will undermine the relation between nations of OIC’s member with Brazil.

The Arab League, meanwhile, condemed Brazil decision and stated that the opening of trade office will “undermine” political and economic interests of Brazil in Arabian land. The arabnews website launched that the emergency assembly held in Cairo blasted the Brazil foreign action. The assembly which was  attended by representatives of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, and other countries, wrote a criticism to Brazil step as international law infraction and expressed their continued support for Palestinian claims to Jerusalem. In a statement, a negative change in the foreign policy of Brazil towards Palestine will seriously ruin political, economic, and diplomatic interests in both Arab-Brazil relation.

Brazil has opened the trade office in Jerussalem on Sunday (22/12/2019) in a event which was attended by son of Brazil President, Eduardo Bolsonaro and Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. Eduardo Bolsonaro, in his welcoming speech, said that his father aims to fulfill his promise which comitted in the beginning of this year to move Brazil embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerussalem. “He talked to me that he will definitely move the Embassy to Jerussalem, and he will do that,” he said.

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President Bolsonaro promised, in January, to follow USA President Donald Trump’s controversial step and move his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv. The Head State of Brazil visited Israel on March , when he announced his country’s intention about opening the trade office in that disputed city.

Almost all over countries that maintain their embassy in Tel Aviv insist that the status of Jerussalem decided through peace negotiations of Israel-Palestina because the Palestinian people considered East Jerussalem as capital city of their future nation. Netanyahu felt so grateful to Brazil for the support towards Israel in international forum and recently noted a bilateral assistance which was provided by jewish country overcoming natural disaster.

Translated from the origin article on Indonesian :, by : Nurul Huda on 22 December 2019.